Thursday, April 9, 2009


I belong to a site where we talk about our smooshy faced dogs. Boxers are definitely smooshy faced dogs. It's our first dog with a stunted nose. The rest of the herd have extra long noses. Do you suppose that balances out things in the universe?

Anyway one of the thread topics was what kind of a kind would be a good companion for boxers? Do you need a submissive breed or one that will hold it's own when pounced upon by a very excited boxer. A vet suggested to someone that they check out Boston Terriers, but I think a Dachshund would be a wonderful breed for a boxer companion or at least it is at my house.

We brought our little Lucy into a herd of very spoiled aging Dachshunds. They range from 12 down to 8 years old. Everyone has their own little special personalities and while we do love them each for who they are, we were a bit nervous about one in particular-Sadie. Sadie is a mommy's girl and is very protective of me and her space in my chair. I was worried that she would be ugly to Lucy and see her as a threat. She does but it gets less ad less everyday.

Here is the oldest of the herd, Eddy and Lucy have an afternoon snooze. I really never thought that Eddy would be a problem but it sure is nice to see them being together. They were asleep in the chair just like that for an hour. The moment they heard me with the camera, it was over. Lucky for me there are lots more naps to be had...

Lucy and Sadie having a nap together until I moved to reach for the camera and Sadie hopped up. She hates having her picture taken. I don't blame her but she's a dog. How does she know it will make her look ten pounds heavier??

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