Monday, March 23, 2009

Who Needs Pet Toys?

Who Needs Pet Toys?

It's been a busy few weeks since Lucy came into our household. We miss sleep, quiet times sleeping in front of the TV and papertowels. I have to say though, she certainly has kept us on our toes. We are so committed to helping this dog stay healthy and fit that we have even been walking her. We try to do it everyday. This past weekend we took Lucy to the park and walked her for 45 mintues around a dirt path. I had thought we would be more exhausted than her but as it turned out, she slept off the fresh air and excercise most of the day. I really wish I had the time everyday to take her out like that. It would get me going and she would get the excercise they say her breed needs.

I know that having a puppy has very sharp teeth and a driving desire to use them on everything it can. Lucy is no exception. Everything has to be "mouthed" just like a human infant. We have spent a fortune at two different pet stores buying up different toys that we think would appeal to Lucy.

Lucy has other thoughts...

We only pick the best toys for our new love. Wanna guess what this expensive toy this is??

Sorry about the darkness of the picture. It's hard to chase a puppy to catch the perfect picture. Do you have a better idea of what the perfect toy is?? Lowes here I come!

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