Sunday, May 17, 2009


When you have little dogs whose bodies are long you learn all the different positions they can assume. Larger dogs are no different but since this is our first large dog in 12 years, we had forgotten what they are like. I watch Lucy and am amazed at how she is all legs and curl up her body in such a small little circle. Then there are other times like these...
Lucy drapes herself on anyone of the doxies who are in her way. Below hose long legs are three other dogs. The black dog in the front is Sadie then the reddish brown dog under her legs is Eddy, but the one you will really have to strain to see is Moose. He is the one at her back. you can see a very small part of him (look for the two black bumps on Lucy's back). She doesn't mind laying on anyone or anything as long as she can stretch out. Then there is this position...

Lucy has gotten so big that she really isn't fitting into my lap as well as she used to. That does not stop her from finding some way to sit where the doxies sleep. As long as she is with her buds, she will fold up like a folding table to fit in.


  1. Oh my goodness! Your boxer looks so much like our boxer, Abe. Boxers are just so darn loving! Yes, they want to curl up and be close. I, too, get such a kick out of all of his positions. Love hearing him sleep, too. Such a sweet sound.

  2. Not sure how I fell into your blog, but got such a kick outta Lucy. My daughter has a boxer and I am amazed every day at how cute they are.
    Enjoy :)